Wallab Ermine Fresco Customizable. Affresco Ermine realizzabile su misura.

The new interpretation of the fresco handcrafted by hand on rolls of flexible and rollable plaster. Usable as wallpaper, it is a product with a totally natural finish both to the eye and to the touch. The natural materials of which it is made protect the walls and allow them to breathe, guaranteeing resistance, durability and protection of health, both for people and the environment.

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The “Fresco” support is special for applications in interiors, on walls and furnishing accessories. The composition of the “Affresco” panels guarantees maximum printing resolution even on large dimensions. “Affresco” is printed on the upper part of the support in flexible plaster with the back in TNT, which guarantees high stability during application and removal. The panels are easily washable and fireproof, do not shrink, do not deform and do not tear when they are laid. They do not contain heavy metal compounds. “Affresco” complies with the permeability and water vapor standard and belongs to fire class B-s2, d0. Our products comply with all European requirements for health and environmental protection and are printed with the most advanced technology, which allows the use of Wallab panels also in the healthcare environment.