Jellyfish Face Glasswall

Glasswall represents the spearhead of the products for Wallab. The collection was conceived to offer the customer a highly technological and extremely scenographic solution to his needs. Glasswall can represent the complete or partial coating of an indoor wall but at the same time the technical characteristics of the product make it usable, without any kind of contraindications, even outdoors. No less effective are the “complements” that we call “The Crystal Tapestries” designed to embellish walls of all kinds. Widely used in the Contract Glasswall sector, today it represents a fantastic solution as an inter-wall in Office environments. The backlit solutions that animate each interested surface are extremely scenographic. Visit our Shop!


Glasswall are walls or parts of them made of tempered glass molded with cold ceramic powders. The thickness of the slab is defined from time to time according to the project. Once the development of the work has been studied, the size and quantity of the slabs are defined. Once the substrate is prepared, it is positioned in the special plotter which transfers the graphics by bombarding the surface behind it with marble powders. Once the printing is complete, the plate passes through the “jaws” of a special oven for a few minutes which simultaneously fuses the graphics inside the glass and tempers everything to make the surface resistant and safe for use. Various safety and quality tests are carried out by specialized technicians to ensure that the best possible product is delivered to the customer.